Thank you for taking the time to review some of our past clients` letters.

Christine Lofgren 

June 9, 2011

To Whom it May Concern:

I am pleased to be able to write this letter to commend Tom Watson and his team for their excellent service.  We worked with Tom to sell my father’s second home in the Flora Vista development in Palm Springs.  My father had met Tom at other open houses in the neighborhood over the years, and remembered Tom’s friendliness and market knowledge.

When it came time to select an agent, Tom easily made our short list.  Tom was well prepared for the initial meeting with comparable sales, a marketing plan, and pricing recommendations.  We really got a sense for Tom’s team approach at the initial meeting, since Tom brought two other team members with him.

Once we selected Tom as our agent, we immediately saw the fruits of his labor.  Tom’s team presented the property in its best light through both traditional MLS listings and Internet exposure.  The team held regular weekend open houses.  We were pleasantly surprised to begin receiving offers very quickly.  Tom gave us sound advice when evaluating the offers. 

We accepted a great offer within two months of the listing.  The escrow period was a tough time for our family, since my father became incapacitated by a sudden stroke and ultimately passed away before the escrow closed. Tom and his team were extremely sensitive and caring during this tough time.  Tom’s team also went the extra mile to help us manage the property and take care of the seller’s requested repairs during a time when my sister and I were both absentee owners and caring for our father.  Lastly, Tom’s team was a tremendous help when it was time to dispose of the household furniture and belongings. 

I have worked with a handful of residential and commercial agents over the years, and found Tom and his team to be head and shoulders above the rest in terms of client service and responsiveness.  As an attorney, I am in the client service business myself and really respect what Tom and his team bring to the real estate business. 


Christine Lofgren
Anaheim, CA



Eric Poole

Vice President, Radio Promotion

TEL: (310) 369-3503

FAX: (310) 969-0321

May 24, 2005

I’ve conducted two transactions with Tom Watson in 2005 – the purchase and sale of a house in the Flora Vista development in Palm Springs. Both transactions were, without a doubt, the most pleasurable real estate experiences I’ve ever had.

Having worked with other agents in numerous prior transactions, I had come to expect a less-than-stellar level of service. Tom absolutely blew me away. His commitment and attention to detail impressed even an anal retentive like me. He is the most personable, honest, hardworking, knowledgeable agent I’ve ever encountered, and I unequivocally recommend him. And I’m not one to throw around compliments.

Eric Poole



James Wallace


To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to write this letter on behalf of Tom Watson. I first met Tom when my wife and I moved to Wyoming and decided to sell our home in Palm Springs.  I talked to several Realtors, most insulted my intelligence and made my decision for me in just a few minutes of conversatioun.  Tom, on the other hand, came across very professionally during our first phone conversation and because of that, we made an appointment to meet first thing the next morning.

Tom arrived at 8:00 AM sharp and had already put together a package for the sale of our home, complete with analysis of our home compared to others in the area, recent sales and everything that could possible pertain to the potential sale.  Needless to say I was impressed.  We signed on right away.

Our first meeting was completely positive, but it didn’t stop there.  My wife’s first language is Spanish, which Tom speaks very well, and he explained things to Elizabeth in Spanish without ever being condenscending.

The sale of our home had some “glitches” for the most obtuse reasons, but Tom has remained the consument professional throughout and taken care of challenges, in our absence, which frankly, couild have cost us huge amounts of time and money without his help.

In closing, I wouild like to recommend Tom Watson to anyone looking for a Realty Professional to handle all aspects of the sale of their home with complete confidence.


James Wallace

Executive Chef

Grand Teton Lodge Company



Eric Poole


Dear Tom:

The Palm Springs house I bought in Flora Vista with you was my fourth real estate purchase and by far the smoothest and the most fun. I’m an anal retentive freak, and you made me proud. You were on top of every detail, and went above and beyond the call at every possible turn. You’re also just a great human being, which is a lucky strike extra. 

Thanks for a truly terrific experience. I’m now no longer house poor, I’m house destitute, but you make me want to keep on buying.

Eric Poole

Los Angeles, CA

footnote - this escrow was closed in 12 days


Dave Picinich


To whom it may concern,

I recently listed a condominium unit for sale in Palm Springs with Tom Watson of Tarbell Realtors.  My intention was to visit a few Realtors before listing the property.  After talking with Tom Watson, I realized I didn`t have to seek other Realtors.  I knew this was the right choice.  Dealing with Tom has been a great experience from the time my property was listed to the time it was sold.  Tom can be described as a professional, courteous, no pressure attitude, and down-to-earth.  If I have any future real estate transactions in the desert, I will certainly be dealing with Tom Watson.


Dave Picinich



Barbara Tuuri

June 21, 2004

To Whom It May Concern

I have had the great pleasure of working with Tom Watson when I briefly put my house on the market with hopes of buying into another phase of my development.  From the first phone conversation I had with him (having never met before), I was completely impressed with his professional and warm attitude.

When he came to my home for our appointment, he was prepared with a Comparative Market Analysis which included sales in the development, pricing information, and a marketing plan.  Along with that, he came with his laptop with the latest real estate programs to analyze the `bottom line` for my sale.  There was not one moment of pressure.  He was educating me.

When I heard the news of the development ending and the cancellation of the last phase, I then withdrew my home from the marketplace.  Throughout, Tom was ALWAYS available by cell phone, kept in touch with updates by email, and answered every question I had with great intelligence.

I would recommend Tom Watson to any of my friends and family for any real estate transactions!  If you are reading this letter, you have already had the good fortune of meeting Tom.  He will take very good care of your real estate needs.

With best wishes,

Barbara Tuuri

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